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The educogym Health Scorecard benchmarks your overall health and identifies opportunities and areas where you can improve.

Developed over the last 10 years, transforming over 15000 clients in the UK, USA, Ireland and Belize, the educogym system has become a trusted tool for shaping your health and fitness.

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Getting into your ideal shape requires the ability to deal with Vision, body, nutrition & lifestyle.

Therefore anything that reduces your ability to deal with these areas reduces your ability to get into your best shape.

"We work with everyone from mums losing baby fat to Robbie Williams looking to get ready for his tour."
"Pre-tour training in progress. I’m trying the educogym way, it seems to be working. All for the “Let Me Entertain You” tour."
Robbie Williams
"Being able to do it within 20 minutes a day with the life I have was invaluable. I’m an investment banker; I work long hours, I have a very busy schedule, I have small children, I have a long commute. For me I was looking for something that would fit into my life but would still have the results. When I found educogym, it was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve seen dramatic results overall, not just how I look but how I feel."
Elizabeth Sandler, Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

Uncover your Strengths and Weaknesses.

The Scorecard will measure you against

The 5 Elements of Health


The degree to which you can clearly articulate your vision of what you want to achieve physically is the first step in maximising your health and fitness. Rarely do individuals have a compelling answer to the question 'What do you want to achieve?' 'What is the vision of your ideal shape?'.

This will impact our health and fitness as it will lead you to do the right things or the wrong things depending on how clear your vision is.


The degree to which you can hold your mind to doing what you are doing. Most people when in the gym are talking, on their phone, watching the TV screens, they are not fully participating in the actual exercise. To maximise the results, it was shown with the research that you need to train the Mind, Body and Spirit in tandem.

This simply means giving as much of your attention as possible to the muscle doing the work, this allows the person to train at a new level of intensity which will increase fat loss and increase muscle gain. Not being able to get in the zone will negatively affect your health and fitness.


Two thirds of the population are overweight and one quarter is clinically obese. There is a very strong correlation between how you look & feel and Health & fitness. If you look good, then you are more likely to feel good.

This ultimately comes down to your waistline for most people which is a good indicator of health. Other elements of your body are very important, but how you look can give a good indication.


You are what you eat, but you are also what you think. Healthy and fit individuals go for particular types of food, the more natural the foods the better.

Different foods have a different impact on the body, sometimes what is regarded as healthy can make a person fat and unhealthy. If a person is on the wrong physical diet, it can become impossible to become healthy.


The Lifestyle you lead will have a direct impact on your shape. If you are always sitting down at the desk where you are mentally activated but physically stagnant, working long hours, have demanding family responsibilities, a long commute to work and a busy work schedule.

It can be really tough to then have the Time, motivation and know-how of what to do. Small adjustments can results in massive results.

"It was transformational, both in my health and my energy and the holistic approach of educogym was completely different to anything that I’ve ever tried before. It didn’t matter how busy I was, I could always fit it in. The results were instant.

I changed my body shape, the way I felt about myself, my health, energy and mental focus. It helped me with the creative problems and dealing with the project and team members."
Michael Kavanagh, Ex Head of Presentation, BBC Newsroom
"Problem is, as a mum of two with a hectic working week and zero 'me time' at weekends, I've told myself I don't have time.

Was it worth it? Oh my goodness YES.

At the end of my 12 day programme I’d shifted 7lb of fat and I’d lost a whopping 2.5 inches around the waist. I was absolutely shocked by how quickly and drastically my shape changed. Not only have I lost weight, I feel fitter and stronger, my cellulite is reduced, my bum has lifted and everything just feels smoother, firmer and tighter."
Lynne Hyland, Sunday Mirror
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Client Testimonials

"I can't believe that after just 12 sessions I have lost 3 inches from my waistline and 7lbs of horrible fat"
"I cannot praise the educogym City team enough. I have lost weight, improved muscle and body definition and shed inches of my waist”
Michael Kavanaugh
"In 2 months I've lost 12lbs of fat which equated to 2 3/4 inches from my stomach. I've almost dropped 2 dress sizes"
"The 12 day programme was fantastic! I never believed I would physically see the change in weight and toning. It was great to have the support of the trainers"
"The results after just one week have been amazing! I have lost 2 1/2lbs of body fat and 2 inches from my waist"
"I lost an enormous amount of body fat and reshaped my body. What I learned about eating and diet over the last 5 months will stay with me forever"
Brendan Hayes
"A really positive experience. The combination of the diet and the exercise produced fantastic results"
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Transform your Vision. Transform your Body. Transform your Life.